HOBBY GREENHOUSE KIT Sunrooms and gardenrooms








18 inch Automatic Solar Powered Vent $275     INCLUDED

The solar powered vent opener is corrosion resistant and extends to open and close automatically. The piston contracts and expands to adjust to the temperature changes in your greenhouse. Save your plants from heat stress with this automatic vent

18 inch SOLAR activated Gable Vent

12in. Exhaust Fan $325.00  Your greenhouse can maintain a consistent temperature with the thermostatically controlled shutter fan. Circulates 760 cfm of fresh air to your plants. Requires 115v outlet. Recommended for greenhouse sizes up to 10'x12'. The fan thermostat maintains the temperature in your greenhouse and regulates the exhaust fan.


 Andersen Glass Entry Door $350.00 INCLUDED

 Order this beautiful door to complete your showpiece greenhouse and add security. Comes with a lockable nickel or brass deadbolt that has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

8mm Polycarbonate (clear or tinted): INCLUDED

The 8mm polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and able withstand extreme weather. Its impact strength is 200 times greater than glass and 10 time greater than acrylic. The walled construction of the panels give excellent thermal insulating values while blocking uv transmissions. It eliminates harmful uv rays to protect your plants. Our polycarbonate is backed by a 10-year warranty against breakage caused by hail. The 8mm panel is so strong it withstands the impact of 16lbs. dropped 25 feet with no breakage. Polycarbonate multi-wall sheets promote energy savings of up to 60% over traditional glazing. Panel are self-extinguishing. Provides up to 83% visible light transmission.


Color Options $500.00  INCLUDED

We use a 3-step process in painting your greenhouse for a durable finish that is maintenance free. Ask to look at our great selection of custom colors to make your greenhouse truly the centerpiece of your yard. White or brown. Green and Custom colors also available for an additional fee



 Waterproof Grow Light $199.00

The fluorescent water proof grow light saves energy costs and provides full spectrum light for optimum plant growth.

Fully assembled $600.00  INCLUDED

Our greenhouses are fully assembled for your convenience and to assure that you get the best built product available. All you need to do is prepare your site and get ready to enjoy a lifetime of gardening pleasure.

Delivery fully assembled to your site (Or. $500  & Wa. $600.00 Ca. $750.00)

Rain Gutters  $250.00  INCLUDED

Our rain gutters help to dissipate water accumulation and help prevent water stain build-up on your greenhouse. Our gutters are thick aluminum  and built into the framing of your greenhouse.


 Andersen Screened Windows package

Our screened, insulated windows are also completely removable for superior ventilation and easy cleaning. The windows have 3 position openings all the way around.


12 inch exhaust fan and hanging basket rails OPTION

12 inch exhaust fan $395

light for safety. The heavy duty fan circulates heat evenly with the thermostatically controlled heater. Durable, efficient and heavy duty. Maximum 5118 BTUs with a 1200 and 1500 watt setting. Requires 120-volt outlet.

Hanging plant rail $125.00:

 Our new hanging plant rail is a great way to utilize the extra headroom we provide in your greenhouse and maximizes space for plant production.

Shelving $150.00  

per shelf  Wire bench vinyl-coated shelf and brackets fit right into the wall of you're greenhouse for optimum use of space. Allows easy drainage and continuous air circulation for your plants.