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At GlassHut Greenhouses, we understand the desire and excitement you have over owning your own hobby greenhouse. It's a whole new way of thinking about plants, climate, and seasons. Owning your own greenhouse is about becoming intimate with care of your plants, and understanding the science - and art - of horticulture.

Yes owning your own greenhouse brings on its own lifestyle. And this is where you can find some begining insight into growing larger and more vivacious flowers, growing your own bumper crop of the freshest vegetables you've ever tasted, or for some it's about how to provide a safe haven for your plants to winter over.

This online greenhouse sanctuary is constantly growing and evolving for you, so be sure to check back often for new tips, terms, and insight into your new world in the greenhouse.

plant variety
What can you grow in your greenhouse? This is the place to start with some quick insights into which greenhouse types work best with differing plants.
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growing tips
What type of plants you'll want to grow will determine what type of greenhouse environment you will need. And not to be overlooked is how you may need to provide pollination for your plants.
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planning and supplies
Have you thought about the optimum place for your greenhouse to reside? Here you will also find tips on irrigation, electrical wiring, shelves, shade cloths or the ever important issues of ventilation.
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greenhouse resources
Here you will find some of the best greenhouse resources on the net, with addresses, phone numbers, and web sites to those who provide specific solutions for your greenhouse.
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greenhouse glossary
What is the difference between a "cold greenhouse", "cool greenhouse", and a "warm greenhouse"? All greenhouse terms you'll ever need to know are listed right here.
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faq (frequently asked questions)
Preparing for you greenhouse and you still have questions, our FAQ section answers the most commonly asked about issues.
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